Shoes to walk through summer


A few days ago I went a little crazy on Zalando (I always find so many pretty things on there plus there aren’t any delivery fees which is great!) and ordered a feeeew pairs of shoes (ooops).

Yesterday when the package arrived and I was excited to open it and try those shoes on, I thought, why not do a “first impressions” blog post for you guys while I’m at it?

So here it is: a shoe haul. (Well, kind of since I am not sure which ones I will actually keep in the end.)


The first pair are the Havaianas Luna. I have wanted Havaianas for quite a long time but never got around to actually buying ones. I have read only good things about them on the Internet as to how comfy they are and how great the quality is. And I really have to admit: I have loved the Lunas instantly! They look great (very casual but still kind of chic) and they really are very comfortable! I can imagine walking around in them all day and not getting any blisters at all (which is rare for me when wearing sandals ouch). Since this is one of the pairs that I am going to keep, I hope I’ll find out I’m right about that assumption I just made! 😄


Cassis Côte d’Azur

These sandals are a pair I was especially excited about because they look reeeally cute and also because they are so affordable! Of course, the quality might not be the best but they still were really comfortable when I tried them on. Since they don’t look that simple/minimalistic anyway and don’t seem to be a piece to be worn to anything I guess I won’t wear them that often so they will stay pretty for a while lol.



By now I have accumulated a fair amount of shoes from Kiomi. Their designs nearly always are so, so pretty! My Kiomi Chelsea boots I have worn to death (basically because they don’t really look very much alive anymore these days lol.)

So these shoes are espadrilles from Kiomi and to be honest, I ordered them for their soles. Turns out when I tried them on they even were the only thing (next to how comfortable the shoes are) that I liked. 😕 First of all, the color didn’t fit my skin color at all! So if I decided to wear them to shorts or pulled-up jeans it wouldn’t look very good. 🙈 The second aspect that bothered me was that you could actually see my toes through the fabric! Even though it’s a lighter color and also the material is not that thick that shouldn’t be the case (in my opinion). So, if you haven’t guessed yet, that pair I won’t keep. 😉



Those Chelsea boots I just mentioned – I just cannot let go of them, I’d still like to wear them each and every day! That is why I decided to maybe get a new pair. I have liked the design of these boots from Maripé instantly! Just look at them swoooon. Simple but still a little special. It really was a big bummer when I tried them on and they were a lot too big… Unfortunately not keeping them.



The last pair that I will show you today are these (😍). They are kind of strange, at first, I admit, but then again – what’s strange? They look special and so cool! I at first was bothered that their width wouldn’t be adjustable and to be honest, it is only for a bit but the laces do their job (which in this case includes looking good lol). For my tiny feet the smallest size (as nearly always) is still a little big but when adding an insole I guess I should be fine. Definitely keeping them! Cannot wait to pair them with blue jeans, a pretty white blouse and a little bit of rose gold jewelry.


What do you think about the shoes I chose? Which ones are your favorite? I would love to read about your shoe picks for the summer if you leave me a comment below! 😊


Shoes to walk through summer

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