I’m back! (Let’s party.)


Here I am, in the middle of the night (at least where I am), writing my first blogpost after quite a while.

I’ve had two blogs before (Can you believe that?). One of them I basically only used for reblogging pretty pictures I wished I had taken myself and the second one I cannot even remember (Anyone know how to include emojis in blogposts? Asking because I’m an emoji-overuser, sorry.)

This blog I initially wanted to be a music blog – but it didn’t take long before I found out that as much as I love music, I had no idea about it and therefore also none when it came to writing about it.
So my third “attempt” (actually, my second attempt of my third attempt, kind of) is a blog mainly dedicated to fashion – of which I might actually know a thing or two (let’s say, in contrary to music 😉 ). But maybe don’t tell that my seven year old “fashion designing” self – well, I was drawing Shakira and decided that she should probably wear a little more than what she was wearing in the picture of hers that I used as a reference, and so I put her into a fancy denim overall I still wish existed in real life (Maybe I should sew it…).
I hope you will enjoy my posts and maybe be inspired by some of it! 🙂

I’m back! (Let’s party.)

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